June Maeda Realty has been helping Hawaii property owners to manage their properties more effectively for over 25 years. We help owners save money by looking out for their interests, including the property they own and the tenants they rent to. Great management is all about building strong relationships, something we love doing.

Our management services will help you protect your investment, and will ensure that you enjoy reliable rental income year after year. We offer competitive pricing, and services that are tailored to each owner. We know how important it is to keep rentals occupied, so we do whatever it takes to fill vacancies.

We also work with Absentee Owners to maintain their properties. Our management experience and access to quality maintenance providers make us an excellent choice for looking after your property, even if you are not renting.

If you are interested in selling a property, we can refer you to some excellent realtors to assist you in the process.

If you own property in Honolulu, or anywhere in Oahu, please contact us to discuss your management needs. We want to help you in every way that we can.